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Re: firefox-37, where to put

Quoting Gene Heskett (gheskett@wdtv.com):
> I knew it would degenerate to this.  Back then I asked for howto's, got 
> and printed several, all of which failed to produce the desired results, 
> I assume because steps done were not all recorded.


> So please David, don't defend what I call a broken installer by saying it 
> can be done, instead write the tutorial telling us how it can be done to 
> do it the way we want it done.  So prove it by making the howto public 
> knowledge.  Anything else is a waste of server bandwitdh.

I keep notes of what I do where it varies from what's considered
standard and documented. I'm not going to waste my time merging those
notes with the installation manual.

> I want a separate /home PARTITION, and a separate /opt PARTITION.  And I 
> cannot understand why that is not possible with this installer. So prove 
> me wrong, I'll be waiting right here, with apologies loaded.

I used to put /usr on a separate partition and /var, /tmp and /home
shared another. Now only /home. Here's how I remembered what to do:

$ ls -l pc/configure/out-of-date/installation-bo 
-rw-r----- 1 david david 11264 Sep 18  1998 pc/configure/out-of-date/installation-bo
$ head -59 pc/configure/out-of-date/installation-bo 
Installation of Debian 1.3 (bo) on 1199469 (kilt).

Switched IDE from secondary to primary, releasing IRQ 15.
Booted to CMOS and set to boot from floppy.

Booted DOS from boot floppy, inserted EtherDisk and ran PNPDSABL.
This runs
        3C5X9CFG /PNPRST
Then ran 3c5x9cfg again and made sure IRQ was 15.

Booted to W95 and named the partitions so I delete the right one.
Booted with Debian 1.3.0 rescue disk: 1997-05-30/resc1440.bin 4June 05:10
Kbd UK
Old partition scheme /dev/sdb 73heads 63sectors 1020cylinders
                                           cyl sectors   MB
/dev/sdb1      Primary Win95 FAT32 (0B)   1020 4690980 2290.52

I don't know why the geometry changed when I deleted the partition.
Partition disk /dev/sdb 74heads 62sectors 1022cylinders

                                           cyl sectors   MB
/dev/sdb1      Primary Linux swap (82)      54  247752  120.98
/dev/sdb2 Boot Primary Linux (83)           14   64232   31.37
/dev/sdb3      Primary Linux               268 1229584  600.39 
/dev/sdb4      Primary Linux               686 3147368 1536.81
which was, when empty,                    1022 4688936 2289.52

Write, quit.

Initialise and activate swap /dev/sdb1
Scan, sure (if this has to be repeated at any stage, then I don't scan)
Initialise linux partition /dev/sdb2
Scan, sure, /
Initialise linux partition /dev/sdb3
Scan, sure, /usr (creates /target/usr).
Initialise linux partition /dev/sdb4
Scan, sure, /kilt (creates /target/kilt).

Switched to console 2, pressed return and typed:

mkdir /target/kilt/var
mkdir /target/kilt/tmp
mkdir /target/kilt/home
cd /target
ln -s kilt/var var
ln -s kilt/tmp tmp
ln -s kilt/home home

^D and back to 1.

Install Operating System Kernel and Modules
Verify Filesystem Choice /dev/sdb1 /, 3 /usr, 4 /kilt, all ext2 (rw):
Medium for installation /dev/fd0
Insert rescue disk (already there).
Insert drivers disk.

Configure Device Driver Modules:

... and another 300 lines of what seems like drivel now but was stuff
I thought I might forget at the time. Nowadays, only /home is separate.


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