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Re: LVM/btrfs - Was: Re: firefox-37, where to put


On Fri, Apr 03, 2015 at 04:31:22PM +0200, Petter Adsen wrote:
> > Resizing just works, as long as you don't forget the correct order for
> > changing the filesystem and the volume. I.e.
> > 
> > 1) Enlarge - volume first, filesystem last.
> > 2) Reduce - filesystem first, volume last.
> I expect the combination of ext4 and LVM is so common that ext4 would
> be a good choice of filesystem if I ever get the need to resize?

The *best* choice IMO. Others may tell you wonders about jfs2 or xfs,
but for me ext4 (or its older predecessor) is the only filesystem that
managed to survive several unplanned power outages in a row. Without
damaging anything, which counts.

> > > The alternative to LVM would be btrfs, which would give me RAID1 and
> > > snapshots, plus subvolumes. I am familiar with mdadm, but I am *not*
> > > familiar with LVM or btrfs in any way.
> > 
> > I'd stay clear of brtfs if I were you until jessie+1 (I forget
> > whatever its called) enters freeze. Then you install backported
> > kernel and *maybe* btrfs would be so kind and would not eat your data.
> That was what I was afraid of.

Wait for the several years - btrfs will be OK. Ext4 didn't became a
no-brainer choice immediately after it was implemented. There were bugs,
complications even controverisies. But once (2.6.22 IIRC) the dust had
settle - ext4 became the way to go, just as ext3 before it.

> > > What would the experts here recommend? I've been searching for a
> > > while now, but I haven't found anything recent that applies to both
> > > LVM and btrfs. I know btrfs is a moving target, is it stable enough
> > > to use for both it's RAID functionality and the rest? Or would I be
> > > better off with mdadm and LVM? Which is better to work with?
> > 
> > You have mdadm. Add LVM on top of it. Make sure you have an non-LVM
> > EFI partition in case of using UEFI (does not apply to BIOS). Don't
> > forget to add busybox into initrd just in case. Enjoy.
> No EFI, just BIOS. Old machine. :) From what I understand, is it
> recommended to create a separate /boot that is not on LVM, or is that
> no longer the case?

If you prefer using lilo or grub1 - such partition is mandatory.
If you're using grub2 - such partition is merely a custom. Grub2 can
boot the system from an LVM.


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