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Re: firefox-37, where to put


On Fri, Apr 03, 2015 at 09:15:42AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I see at least one (minor) complication in such approach, and that is
> > the user who uses such home right now. I mean, copying files that are
> > being written to right now is kind of … unpredictable as far as
> > results are concerned.
> >
> > But doing it correct way would probably require using LVM (snapshots),
> > and LVM is one of those things that are either used from the start, or
> > not used at all.
> Tried twice back when it was all the rage when fedora was fairly new.  
> Both installs self-destructed in under 2 weeks.

That's usual Fedora behavior. I'll tell you more - it's expected Fedora
behavior regardless of release of Fedora.
If you need to use something relatively stable, and for some unknown
reason it's not Debian - try CentOS.

> I've no clue if its 
> ready for "prime time" today or not.  But haveing been twice burnt, I am 
> wary and avoid it.  And of course I eventually got tired of being used 
> for a guinea pig as its survival rates were relatively poor.

The LVM itself? Please, it's *ten* years old software. As long as you
don't do strange things with it (such as - use dm-raid5 or encrypted
filesystems with systemd) - you'll do just fine. It's one of the things
that debian-installer supported for years.

The need of LVM usually arises in situations such as yours - i.e. I need
to move a part of a filesystem to a different one. Should I go to the
nearest RadioShack and buy a new drive? Should I re-partition my
existing drive without data loss (hint: possible but complex)? With LVM
the answer is - I make another logical volume and start copying files.
It's that simple.


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