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Issues with Enigmail @ Icedove and a huge keyring

Hi folks,

I've got a quiet big keyring (>2k keys inside it) and since last updates
of enigmail I'm recognizing issues with it. Ehenever it's about
verifying a signature Enigmail is starting a gpg2 process like that

/usr/bin/gpg2 --charset utf-8 --display-charset utf-8 --batch --no-tty
--status-fd 2 --with-fingerprint --fixed-list-mode --with-colons --list-keys

which consumes 100% of one core for quiet some time and is blocking the
signature thing. This is happening about sind update to 1.8.x of Enigmail.

Before I report an issue upstream to Enigmail I'd like to ask you
whether some of you is experincing some similar issue and/or is might
having an idea for fixing/workaround.


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