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Re: Dovecot .deb install broken...

On Wed, Apr 01, 2015 at 11:18:05PM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Merlin at Dangerous Minds wrote:
> > I just tried to install Dovecot for the first time.  It was on a virgin
> > Ubuntu/Debian server (Version: 1:2.2.9-1ubuntu5) and the install failed.
> Please note that Debian is not Ubuntu and Ubuntu is not Debian.
> > After a bit of struggling I worked out that the install fails BY DESIGN.
> > Spoke about this with a few people and we decided it was best to report this
> > issue and request that you redesign the packing so it does not fail.  The
> > reason it fails is as follows...
> That's great.  Please do report the bug.  Buf please for the sake of
> the kittens please report it to the Ubuntu bug tracker.  Or have the
> decency to at least install Debian and try it there first.  Otherwise
> why report it here?

I've just checked this on a new VM of Debian Stable (7.8.0) and can
confirm that this is a bug with the Ubuntu packaging, not the Debian
packaging. The Debian package doesn't ask if you want to use your own
certificate, it simply generates a self-signed certificate and starts
using that. Presumably, the Ubuntu Devs decided that people might want
to skip that generation if they had their own certificates already.

> Bob

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