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Re: how to remove libsystemd0 from a live-running debian desktop system

On Feb 16, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl@lkcl.net> wrote:

> to debian-users: you don't have complete choice (yet), but i have
> demonstrated with a few hours work that there is a way to run
> (certain) desktop environments without requiring libsystemd0 or any of
> its dependencies, and after a little investigation there do appear to
> be people working hard to give you your right to choose what software
> to run *without* having to abandon debian.
I strongly recommend that the people who cannot live with libsystemd0 
installed on their systems leave Debian, because their life is going to 
suck more and more as we will integrate it in every important daemon 
after jessie will have been released.

> to debian-developers: the technical issues are irrelevant (and can
> always be solved over time) - it's that you are complicit in removing
> people's software freedom right to choose what to run on their system:
> that is why so many users are upset with you.  and that really is not
Cool! It has been since my Usenet days that I have not been accused of 
being part of a conspiracy. Thank you, I missed this.

> you have the right to choose whether the situation that you are
> complicit in is something that you find acceptable or whether you do
> not.  i leave it entirely to you to decide.
I do not just find it acceptable, I thoroughly enjoy it.


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