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Re: list non auto packages

On 02/01/2015 12:09 AM, Bob Proulx wrote:
Doug wrote:
Bob Proulx wrote:
Rusi Mody wrote:
Is there a way to get the packages the user has installed?


   apt-mark showmanual

That will show any package that was explicitly installed.  That is,
not pulled in automatically as a dependency.  The command is new for
Wheezy and later.  Older systems do not have that feature.

If you downloaded the package from somewhere, the original file may
still be in your Downloads directory.

Sure.  The deb files for both manually installed and automatically
installed dependencies will both be in /var/cache/apt/archives until
the admin issues 'apt-get clean'.  But that wasn't the question. :-)

At least not the way I read it.  I read it as they want to know the
names of the packages they would need to install in order to reproduce
the currently installed system.  Which is actually not a trivial
exercise on Debian systems, unfortunately.

Synaptic will be a list for that purpose. Ric

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