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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

Long ago, I decided that inconvenient fsck's were not what I
needed. And that cancelling them was not an option - I run quasi
headless so there's no way.

So - I use tune2fs to set a ridiculous reboot count for automatic
fsck.  Then a run a cron job the does a reboot with the -F option once
a month in the middle of the night when I don't need the machine.

systemd won't change a thing for me.

cron job follows.  it actually checks for a disk that needs an fsck.

#check for fsck needed and force it and reboot if needed
[ "$1" = -force ] && force=yes
month=$(date +%b)
while read disk rest
    lastfsck=$(tune2fs -l $disk | grep 'Last checked:')
    [ "$lastfsck" = "$month" ] || reboot=yes
done << --end
$(df | egrep '^/dev')
if [ "$force" != yes ]
    [ $reboot = no ] && exit
    if [ -n "$(who)" ]
	echo 'Not rebooting because of logged on users'
echo 'checkfsck rebooting' | mail -s checkfsck root
# -F below forces check of all filesystems, not just root
echo 'checkfsck rebooting'
shutdown -rF now
sleep 120
echo 'shutdown seems to be broken again'
shutdown -nrF now
sleep 120
echo 'shutdown -n seems to have failed'
sleep 120
touch /forcefsck
sync;sync;sync;sleep 60;reboot -f
sleep 120
echo 'it just wont die - need help'

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