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Re: Question about MultiArch and dependencies

Le 29/12/2014 22:31, Sven Joachim a écrit :
> On 2014-12-29 21:35 +0100, Raphaël Halimi wrote:
>> On an amd64 Sid system, steam (i386 only) depends on xterm |
>> x-terminal-emulator. I already have mate-terminal installed, which
>> provides x-terminal-emulator, but both apt and aptitude don't care and
>> want to install xterm along with steam.
>> Shouldn't apt be happy with mate-terminal:amd64 and install steam
>> without pulling xterm in ?
> No, because (unlike xterm) mate-terminal is not marked as
> "Multi-Arch: foreign" and thus cannot fulfill dependencies of
> packages from a different architecture[1].
> Cheers,
>        Sven
> 1. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MultiarchSpec#Binary_package_control_fields

Thanks, that was the information I was looking for. So if I understand
correctly, the bug relies in mate-terminal's packaging ? Is there a way
to check a control file's Multi-Arch field without downloading the
source package ? apt-cache show doesn't display it.

Raphaël Halimi

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