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Re: wifi connection tool?

On 2014-12-28 22:13:30 +0100, Hans wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014, 21:26:20 schrieb Vincent Lefevre:
> > Is there a wifi connection tool that can reconnect *automatically*
> > after a disconnection? (This can happen several times per hour,
> > though the wifi quality is not very bad.)
> > 
> > I'm currently using wicd, but it doesn't reconnect automatically.
> > 
> Did you set "automatically connection" in the gui?


> Here it is working, when I activate this.

Here it seems to work, i.e. when I boot the machine, wicd
automatically connects to this network. But in the case of a
disconnection from the kernel, it seems that wicd interprets
this as a disconnection by the user, so that it terminates
wpa_supplicant and does not try to reconnect.

> However, I did not test it with the demon or the ncurses 
> option.

This option is available in the GUI, but AFAIK, it is for the daemon.

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