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Re: Wheezy->Jessie upgrade: udev (pre)install issue

On 27-12-2014 14:47, Sven Joachim wrote:

Sorry if it sounds blunt, but have you actually read the messages you
pasted above?  They should give you information what is missing from
your running kernel, and they also give advice how to force the udev
upgrade anyway.

If your kernel does not have CONFIG_FHANDLE (the most likely problem,
since that was introduced only in 2.6.39), you can probably force the
upgrade, since udev does not seem to actually need that feature.


Yes, read those, got scared into asking advice.
"At your own risk", "there is always a safer way to upgrade" and "do not try unless you understand what you're doing" were stopping me from creating the kernel-upgrade file: I thought it better to ask people with more expertise before making a bigger mess.

I know that Jessie isn't released yet, but I did expect a more-or-less troublefree migration - there seem to be dependencies between the kernel, udev and systemd so I would expect that the dist-upgrade process would take care of the right order and creation of the kernel-upgrade file. Manually forcing an installation against some strong warnings was not what I expected to do.

Anyway - this indeed did the trick. Thanks!

Kind regards,

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