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Re: SFTP question

I think what is the most disturbing is the fact that it eventually
happened to me ... :( ... never thought it would ... 

And truth be told I am guilty at riding the horse bareback with guns blazing
whenever I setup a server ... not paying much attention to security. But alas
... I have learned my lesson ... This incident scared the crap out of me ... lol
... :) ...

> Not surprising.  If you haven't been paying attention to your logs (you
> should ALWAYS monitor them if you are connected to the internet!), you
> haven't seen what has probably been going on for a long time.

> I've seen attacks start within hours of putting a new system on the
> internet.  I see multiple attacks on my servers every day.

Makes me wonder how these guys get hold of IP's so quickly ...

> Attacks seem to have increased in the last few days.

Which begs the question ... do these guys just shoot from the hip? ... or do
they have a mandate or something?

Thank You


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