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Re: SFTP question

On 12/24/2014 2:01 AM, Danny wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> You were right, SFTP, FileZilla and Proftp confused the hell out of me ... lol
> ... I must add in my defense though that I was in a state of panic after syslog
> warned me of an attack by someone during the night via ssh ... So I frantically tried to
> make ssh and Proftp work together without reading the online guides properly ...
> Sometimes one does stupid things ... lol ...
> Thanks for everyone's input ...
> Danny


As a side note - don't panic over SSH attacks.  Instead, use the right
tools and techniques to secure your systems and let them do their jobs.
 Monitor the server to ensure you didn't leave any holes.

For instance, Fail2ban blocked over 100 IP's from accessing one of my
servers on yesterday alone.  The attacks keep coming, but none have ever


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