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Re: wordperfect 5.1 for unix, and debian?

On 12/20/2014 12:17 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
On 17/12/14 11:35 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
Who said anything about running windows?
The only windows I have are made of glass lol.
Although a virtual dos machine might be interesting if I find anything over much  to do  with Linux.
Thanks for the giggle,

OK, but you can set up a UNIX virtual machine. Worst case would be needing qemu to emulate whatever processor your WP51 version was set up for.

Still don't know what you have against LibreOffice. It's almost certainly superior to WP51 in every significant way.

At least she doesn't have to worry about "Styles." Most people do not need a QuarkXpress or MS Publisher, and that's what LO is trying to be.

Just like those expensive commercial programs, anyone who uses LO (or OO) will either have to read and learn a lot of instructions or find a

different solution. My solution is TextMaker from SoftMaker, which has a free version for non-commercial use, and which seems to have just

about all the features of the paid version. (I have no pecuniary interest in SoftMaker, a German firm.)


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