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Re: k9copy-reloaded?

The Trinity desktop (TDE) has k9copy, the new release of TDE, a few days ago, runs on Wheezy and Jessie.  You can just install k9copy + depends, which are light compared to bundled apps these days.

 I really like/prefer Handbrake but it does not install, from wheezy-backports..another thread.


On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 3:06 PM, ~Stack~ <i.am.stack@gmail.com> wrote:

I prefer to have a digital backup copy of the movies I have legally
purchased. Mainly because I am too lazy to get up and go to the DVD
shelf whenever I want to watch something. :-)

My preference for years has been to have an ISO file because disk is
cheap and if I need to trans-code for $portable_device_of_the_moment
going from near-original to $format_of_the_moment is trivial and not
nearly as messy as going from $yesterdays_preferred_format to
$format_of_the_moment. Thus, I have really liked k9copy. It is trivial
to set up, yank out the previews and silly "unskippable"
banners/warnings/messages, and get a raw ISO file.

For those who don't know, the lead dev of k9copy decided he was done
back in 2012. And Debian yanked the package shortly after (for obvious
good reasons). I still have my old Debian Lenny box that I boot up, rip
my latest purchase w/ K9copy, and shutdown. (VM's have been flaky for me
trying to rip to k9copy; so an old box is what I use)

It seems that someone is taking up the flag for k9copy and actively
updating it. See here: k9copy-reloaded.sourceforge.net

I just found out and for me, this is exciting news! I am hoping to hack
on it during some time off next week to see if I can get it to run on a
updated system.

So the question for the Debian list is:
* Has anyone tried the compile out yet? I am tempted to use my current
Wheezy box simply because it is my dev machine and I have most
everything ready to test on, but I worry about some of those newer
library files required (note: I haven't looked at all of them in depth
yet). Then again, I have a Jessie machine that I have been testing on
for the past few months that I don't care if I break. It would have the
newer libraries and is in freeze so there shouldn't be much
volatility...Just curious if anyone has any experience they would like
to share before I dig in and hit the same issues someone else has
already solved. :-)

* Anyone else use K9copy? Curious if there are any fans out there still.

* Anyone have a better solution to K9copy? I know there are some really
good alternatives for trans-coding purposes (eg: handbrake) but I don't
know of any that will do ISO while keeping the important bits and
stripping out the junk.



Greg Madden

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