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Re: Kernel crash 3.17.2 unable to use kvm


 This kernel is made from the old version by copying the .config and
running make oldconfig.
I have been using the .config from 3.7.x  kernel

On 11/4/14, Florent Peterschmitt <florent@peterschmitt.fr> wrote:
> Le 03/11/2014 17:03, Bhasker C V a écrit :
>> Hi,
>>  I tried to compile the latest kernel 3.17.2 and when loading
>> kvm_intel, the kernel crashes (not catastrophically but as below) and
>> kvm_intel never works.
>> The old kernel 3.14.x works fine but I dont want to use an older
>> kernel as a solution to the current issue.
>> Can somebody help to tell me if this is an environment issue or a real
>> kernel bug ?
>> This is a DELL D620 with core2duo T5520 (vmx enabled)
>> Thanks
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [  349.007575] general protection fault: 0000 [#1] SMP
> [snip]
> You have a 3.17 kernel config based on a previous working kernel
> version, or you made it from scratch?

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