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Re: change subject of emails on ISP's IMAP server

On 2014-12-16, Rob Owens <rowens@ptd.net> wrote:
>> Apparently, this is what imapfilter will do. You'll need to write a lua
>> script to tell it what to do, but it looks like it comes with some
>> hackable examples.
> Thanks.  I see the following example in some of the imapfilter docs.  I'll

The problem I see is that once imapfilter fetches the message, processes
it, and uploads it to the same mailbox, what is to prevent your ISP from
prepending ***UNCHECKED*** to the header of the message once again,
seeing that it will be just as unscannable as before?

Or will it not be scanned a second time or something?

Otherwise, maybe someone can help you lua regular expressions (not my
case) in order to delete ***UNCHECKED*** from the header field.

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