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Re: How Not to Install systemd to Begin With.

On Tue, 16 Dec 2014, Andrei POPESCU wrote:

> On Du, 14 dec 14, 15:49:57, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> > After the lively debate here that "replacing" systemd after it's
> > installed is not the same as not installing it in the first place:
> > Here's the solution, more or less.  Although, it seems, one will
> > never be truly free from parts of systemd in Testing-Jessie.
> > 
> > http://without-systemd.org/wiki/index.php/How_to_remove_systemd_from_the_Netinst_CD
> > 
> > I haven't tested this myself.  So, no guarantees.
> Feels wrong to me. First, it simply removes the systemd package (but
> not the systemd-sysv package), not sure if debootstrap will handle
> this gracefully and simply choose to install sysvinit-core instead.
> Second, if one is going through the trouble of remastering the
> install CD one might as well patch debootstrap and add a preseed file.

There also seems to be no mechanism included to prevent systemd from
being inadvertently installed later as a dependency. And as long a
systemd (or some of its parts) is a dependency, obtaining a totally
systemd-free system might be an exercise in futility.

But it's a beginning.


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