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Re: Upgrading from squeeze to wheezy

James Allsopp wrote:
> Thanks Bob,
> Hit a snag, I thought the upgrade would update the kernel and it's left me
> with a mismatch. I can't now log into the machine, no ssh and no keyboard.
> I think I'm going to try and use a netinst disk to rescue the system,
> unless you've any other ideas?

Using the install disk in rescue mode is an excellent idea.

> I remember in Linux a long time ago there was a method to step
> through the boot sequence item by item. Could I wait until the
> network came up, then drop into a shell?

I think using rescue mode would be easier than using single user mode
and trying to repair your system that way.  Both should work.  But the
installer will boot to a fully working rescue mode.  Then using it I
think would be easier than trying to single step through a broken
non-booting system.

Here is the official documentation for rescue mode:


But that is fairly terse.  Let me say that the rescue mode looks just
like the install mode initially.  It will ask you keyboard and locale
questions and you might wonder if you are rescuing or installing!  But
it will have "Rescue" in the corners so that you can tell and be
assured.  Get the tool set up with keyboard, locale, timezone, and
similar and eventually it will give you a menu with a list of actions.

  Advanced options...
  Rescue mode
  ...starts networking...
  ...apt update release files...
  ...loading additional components, Retrieving udebs...
  ...detecting disks...

Then eventually it will get to a menu "Enter rescue mode" that will
ask what device to use as a root file system.  It will list the
partitions that it has automatically detected.  Select the appropriate
for your system.  Then continue.  At that point it presents a menu
"Execute a shell in /dev/...".  That should get you a shell on your
system.  At that point you can execute apt-get commands and
grub-install and other things as needed.

Hopefully that will get you back to a point where you can then debug
and recover your system fully.

Good luck!


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