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Re: System is stuck at boot

Yes, I got a black, unresponsive screen. I went to recovery mode already, so I have a shell root access. Are any x logs that can be examined? Thanks

Dan Ritter <dsr@randomstring.org> wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 09:40:09PM +0400, German wrote:
>> While the system mentioned is lubuntu, I am wondering if are there any experts who can look at my dmesg.log file and tell me what is wrong. This would be extremely appreciated.
>There are no errors in that boot sequence. What are you
>If you get a black, unresponsive screen, it is likely that X is 
>not configured properly. Try passing "init=/bin/sh" to the
>kernel. If it boots to a root prompt, then you can go and 
>experiment on X.

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