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Re: Machine hangs at boot

Just for the hack of it, I tried startx and the system hangs. So it seems to me that it is server issues. Is that possible to look at server logs? Where are they located?

berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:

>Le 15.12.2014 14:00, Frederic Marchal a écrit :
>> On Monday 15 December 2014 15:48:40 German wrote:
>>> Oh OK, there really is such a disk. Unfortunately I can't remove it. 
>>> My
>>> machine was running smoothly for about two months and after kernel 
>>> update
>>> this thing happened.
>> Is sdb supposed to contain a valid partition?
>> If it is supposed to be a valid disk, then, I would say it is now 
>> corrupted…
>> How frequently do you reboot your computer? If you reboot it
>> infrequently and
>> just rebooted it after the kernel update, then the disk failure may
>> have been
>> noticed only then.
>> As the kernel driver handling that disk is a generic scsi, I doubt a 
>> kernel
>> bug affects your system.
>> The ata driver can't be blamed here either as it is recognizing sda
>> just fine.
>> Now, something else may be holding the boot sequence for 26 seconds 
>> just
>> before mounting the swap partition on sda3 but you ruled out a 
>> corruption on
>> sda2. And we lack evidences that any other peripheral is behaving 
>> strangely.
>> Frederic
>Well I had similar... lag... in testing, since few months, because of 
>dbus. Several other people had it, too. It could be an update of udev 
>which introduced it.
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