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Re: Machine hangs at boot

Le 15.12.2014 14:00, Frederic Marchal a écrit :
On Monday 15 December 2014 15:48:40 German wrote:
Oh OK, there really is such a disk. Unfortunately I can't remove it. My machine was running smoothly for about two months and after kernel update
this thing happened.

Is sdb supposed to contain a valid partition?

If it is supposed to be a valid disk, then, I would say it is now corrupted…

How frequently do you reboot your computer? If you reboot it
infrequently and
just rebooted it after the kernel update, then the disk failure may
have been
noticed only then.

As the kernel driver handling that disk is a generic scsi, I doubt a kernel
bug affects your system.

The ata driver can't be blamed here either as it is recognizing sda
just fine.

Now, something else may be holding the boot sequence for 26 seconds just before mounting the swap partition on sda3 but you ruled out a corruption on sda2. And we lack evidences that any other peripheral is behaving strangely.


Well I had similar... lag... in testing, since few months, because of dbus. Several other people had it, too. It could be an update of udev which introduced it.

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