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Re: music based applications in debian?

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Hi all,
> by which I mean for composition, midi  work perhaps Miltie track recording
> etc.?

Hi Karen,

Midish is a command-line app for MIDI recording.
Quite a bit of helper code is available for the serious

For multitrack recording, it may be worth experimenting
with Nama, which uses Ecasound as the audio-processing
backend. (Nama can also launch and manage a midish 

A debian package is available for midish. For Nama, the
debian package is outdate. You can either build from source,
or wait a day or two until the latest version is available
from CPAN.

As main author of the latter, I'll be happy to answer
any questions.

The Linux Audio Users list is a great resource for anyone
working with audio under Linux.



> I am aware of lilllypond  for producing the actually printed music.  As this
> is a Linux program in general I imagine it is a part of Debian somewhere.
> Command line would preferred.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kare
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Joel Roth

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