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making sound work in Jessie - how?

I've been running Jessie on my deaktop from some time before the end
of September. The last time a checked, which was quite a while ago,
sound was working. But it might have been before I migrated from
Wheezy to Jessie. Now realize I don't know what to do to get sound
working in Jessie. I got Jessie by doing a netinst. The first thing I
tried to do when I noticed sound not working was to install
flashplayer-nonfree and run it.

This had worked in Wheezy but either I missed an important step or
that's not the way to do in under systemd. I am *not* knocking
systemd. But flashplayer-nonfree was/is something kluge and I would
be glad to let it rest in peace.

What packages should I make sure are properly installed? Where can I
find a check list of what needs to be done. While I'm typing this I
realize I might need to become a member of a special access group, but
what is the name of the group? These are things about which I need
up-to-date info, and there is mostly stale info on google (By stale, I
mean from the dark ages before the coming of Pulse.) But maybe my
problem has nothing to do with Pulse or systemd. Please suggest test
to make and information to give. The computer runs the latest i686 32bit
kernel (latest for Jessie) It is HP desktop that's a few years old.
I'll be re-installing flashplayer again while waiting for suggestions...

Paul E Condon           

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