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Re: Bridging and VLANs?

On 12/11/2014 03:45 PM, Tim Nelson wrote:

I have an interesting situation that requires bridging some VLAN enabled
interfaces together on a Debian 7.x x86 system. On the host, there is a
single physical interface passing traffic natively (eth0), and two
tagged VLANs also passing traffic (eth0.2 and eth0.3).

The use case is that I need to bridge eth0 with eth0.2, allowing layer
two traffic to pass seamlessly between interfaces, yet still leave
eth0.3 in a usable state. The switch this system is connected to is for
all intents and purposes outside of my control, which is the reason for
the odd network setup.

What I'm finding by simply creating a new bridge br0 with members eth0
and eth0.2 is no connectivity on eth0.2, and slow/quirky connectivity on
eth0 (native connectivity to Debian 7.x host). In doing research, I've
found suggestions of adding the VLAN interfaces to the bridge direct,
resulting in a br0, br0.2, and br0.3, but the results were the same.
Also, it has been suggested to use ebtables to filter the VLANs at layer
2, but I had no luck there either.

I'm hoping someone can shed light on what needs to be done for a
successful bridge of eth0/eth0.2, with an intact eth0.3 (point to point
link between Debian 7.x host and another device). All pointers, tips,
tricks welcome.

Tim, I am a complete idiot in that situation setting up vlan(s). If this is a dedicated headless server, to a localnet or the Internet, I just installed Proxmox (proxmox to debian wheezy is the standard install) and it works out of the box.

Then I can install KVM(s) to that for special custom applications or select from several hundred pre-setup containers from TurnKey Linux, without beating my brains out setting them up from obscure howto's designed to make you purchase support, just to get them running.

It's better than Windows for the setup Complete Idiot! And, it's Debian based and free! Suffer no more. :) Ric


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