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RE: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

Bonno Bloksma writes:

 > Ok, so that means anyone with a nice laptop who wants to do some
 > work "just before" boarding a plane is now "at risk".

Just before boarding some plane is the "bad time and place" for some

 > Just had to help someone this morning who had Windows 7 doing
 > updates when he shut down his laptop to board a plane. He had no
 > time to wait, he had not planned on there being an interruption in
 > the "normal baviour". This morning his laptop would not boot.

Bad timing for use of a computer. You know how it works, you know
what it can do. But you are the only one with a brain between the
ears. Start using it.

You know that Windows might download automagically updates and
that it could install them when you shutdown? 

 > The same can happen with "normal users" if we give them the new

Maybe these normal users should be made a bit more aware of what they
do. Again, who is the one in charge because is equipped with a working

 > Debian Jessie on a laptop and they run into a similar situation
 > where fsck will start when it "is not a good time to do so". For
 > whatever reason. There needs to be a non corrupting way to
 > something that can last that long.

If every child on every street, had clothes to wear and food to eat...

Things created by man do have drawbacks. It's something you can't

 > > No other choices.

 > In the near future with Jessie, maybe no, but "soon" after that we
 > really need it.

I think that even more people really need some type of perpetual
motion engine...

 > When it is started due to an unclean shutdown or something like it,
 > we can plan. When it simply runs "because it does that sometimes",
 > no thank you, I would like a cancel option.

You have the option. Disable it. At your own risk.

On the other hand, the script could halt for user input. Then we will
have people complaining that they must attend the boot process.

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