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Re: GNU Barcodes

On 12/11/2014 08:10 AM, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> Dear List -
> I wish to be able to print a barcode .5 inches from top of the page and centered.
> I generate the barcode -
> yes 12345 | head -84 | barcode -p 5x5.0cm -umm -e CODE39 > test.ps;
> and print -
> lpr -o media=letter -#1 -P LJ1012 /var/www/test.ps -o page-top=33 -o page-bottom=44 -o page-left=60 -o page-right=80
> The barcode is
> upside down
> not centered
> at the very top and truncated
> and multiple copies are printed.
> Ethan
Have you ever read the story of Sysiphos?

Linux printing is similar. 
You will be digging trough several layers of abstractions. 
After finally having had a good look at cups low level driver 
interface you will find out that it's the printer driver that's at fault. 
You will notice that the driver is either closed source nad you have no 
chance of changing what's wrong, or you'll be looking at the 
drivers code but not be able to fix it, because you do not know 
your printers non-postscript internal communications protocol. 
And there's no way to find out. 
By the way you get there, you'll have wasted several weeks/months 
understanding all those shell scripts and conversions and the internals of 
the postscript interpreter(not that it would help you with the problem). 

Then, you'll go in full denial about your fruitless exploits. 

After a week you'll think it would be a fine Idea to print those 
barcodes(or some other documents)....

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