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Re: no microphone in skype

On 08/12/2014, Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 07 December 2014 18:23:35 Andreas Weber wrote:
>> On 2014-12-07 06:02, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
>> > Sure, that might as well be the case! But it is not the topic of this
>> > thread. My intention is to get a working version of Skype on this
>> > Debian machine. I do not want this thread to become a platform for
>> > another OS flamewar.
>> I was simply trying to give you an alternative. Because I am somewhat
>> tired of all these Skype threads that pop-up every 4 weeks or so if
>> somebody can't manage to get his HW running or Skype breaks things or
>> you have to tweak the version in a hex editor so it works or ... should
>> I continue? I said "Skype" (the product) is the problem, I never spoke
>> about any OS.
>> Read carefully please and sorry for trying to help.
> Sorry, Andreas, but it is you who are not reading carefully.  The reply you
> quote above was to Renaud  OLGIATI not to you.  And he had said:
> <quote>
> And anyway the computers of most of my Skype correspondents are infectes
> with
> the Windows virus...
> </quote>
> My reaction was the same as Ragu's:  please, not another flame war.
> Lisi

I think that the problem perhaps is not so much a problem relating to
operating systems, as a problem with the mailicious corporation that
tookover skype in order to cause problems with skype, thence to hinder
electronic communications.

Skype as it used to be, worked.

Skype as it  exists now, is simply Microshite, with its objective of sabotage.

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
 Chapter 28 of Book 1 of
 "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
 A Trilogy In Four Parts",
 written by Douglas Adams,
 published by Pan Books, 1992


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