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Re: Dependency problem in jessie

On Sb, 06 dec 14, 16:58:20, Hans wrote:
> Hello list,
> I think, there is a problem with a dependency in debian/jessie.
> This problem is now for several weeks. I know, jessei is frozen now, buit 
> maybe it will be fixed though.
> Ther problem is, that camorama wants to be uninstalled, when I want to 
> upgrade. Reason for it is the package libjpeg62-turbo and libjpeg62. These 
> packages cannot be upgraded to a newer version, as each of them depends on 
> another. 
> If you check with aptitude, you will see at once, what I mean. 
Actually I don't, so please show the full output of

    aptitude -V full-upgrade

Kind regards,
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