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Re: Skipping fsck during boot with systemd?

>> With init, skipping a scheduled fsck during boot was easy, you just
>> pressed Ctrl+c, it was obvious! Today I was late for an online
>> conference.  I got home, turned on my computer, and systemd decided
>> it was time to run fsck on my 1TB hard drive.  Ok, I just skip it,
>> right?  Well, Ctrl+c does not work, ESC does not work, nothing seems
>> to work.  I Googled for an answer on my phone but nothing.  So, is
>> there a mysterious set of commands they came up with to skip an fsck
>> or is it yet another flaw?
> "fsck.mode=skip" on the kernel command line.

Pretty damn inconvenient and un-discoverable if you ask me.
So I think this deserves a bug report.


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