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Re: Debian fork: 'Devuan', Debian without Systemd

>> Jessie isn't Debian.
> So you say. Others have a different opinion.

Absolutely, it is just an opinion, I know.

Also, it seems to be Joey's opinion too: "It's become abundantly clear
that this is no longer the project I
originally joined in 1996."


And, Joey's opinion is very, very strong. He can talk about this, more
than anyone.

So, Jessie isn't Debian anymore... Soon or later, everybody will realize that.

Right now, I'm very concerned about Debian's stability, I'm using it
(since Potato) because it is _stable_, release after release, but,
when with systemd, it will not be that stable anymore, it is
impossible to be, mostly because systemd itself it too new and poorly
designed, not ready for production. Maybe in ~2020, who knows...

What is happening with Debian is just crazy.


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