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Re: Installing Linux on a Mac Mini without OSX


On 04/12/14 19:25, Brian Sammon wrote:
> I was recently given a Mac Mini (Intel Mid 2007) that had been
> wiped.
> I tried to install Debian (Wheezy) on it, and the installer reported
> success, but when it came time to eject and reboot, Debian didn't
> boot from the hard drive.

I would consider eject as a comfort at this stage.
The reboot issue is the real issue here.

> Googling finds me various pages about installing Linux where one of
> the steps is something like "Boot into OSX"

If you do not want a dual boot computer, forget this part and consider your box as
a regular box.

> Is there a way to install Debian/Linux on this machine that doesn't
> involve buying or borrowing (or "borrowing") a copy of OSX? 

Take care as this model may be not be supported by last OS X.
You do not need it.

 Is it
> easier to install linux on a USB disk and run it off of that?
> Two particular subtasks that I may need to do that seem to require
> OSX: 1) "Blessing" a partition 2) Checking what version of firmware
> it has (some versions have BIOS compatibility)
> Any pointers/suggestions?

I will look towards a grub issue, specially if your partition is a gpt partition table.
For a gpt partition table, you must have a `bios grub' partition. 

> I'm also looking into PureDarwin as a possible solution.
Debian is definitely better, do not trust the folks on the PureDarwin forums.

Best wishes,


Jerome BENOIT, Ph.D. | jgmbenoit-at+rezozer*dot_net

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