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Re: Installing Debian on a SuperMicro server

Thanks Miles.

Did a little googling and found this: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SataRaid - which recommends adding dmraid=true to the kernel boot line (see page for detailed instructions).

I have tried the procedure in this website, but my results are different.  I never got a chance to specify the settings for the partition on the "fake raid".  It just used the whole "device" as a partion mounted at /. When I logged in in rescue mode, I could not find the different devices to configure grub.[🔎] 547EFDD2.5010706@meetinghouse.net" target="_blank">

I have also tried Ubuntu-server 2014-10 but I did not understand the installation asking me whether to activate raid or not for the devices and then not showing them anywhere.

Centos 6.6 could install without a problem but I do not want to work with a rpm-based system if possible.

At the moment Centos or Fedora (which I would not prefer on any server) seems to be the non-commercial options available to me.


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