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Installing Debian on a SuperMicro server

I am trying to install Debian on a SuperMicro server on two ssd's configured in the bios as a RAID1 (I think it is called a fake-raid). 

Debian Stable does not recognize the disks at all.
Debian Testing's installation disk picks it up as a RAID1 device (even when I configure it in the bios as non-raid disks) and can install up to the stage where grub has to be installed.  Grub does not recognise the RAID1 device but sees the two disks separately.

When I open gparted in Linuxmint 17 (live imaget) it complains when the disks are  configured in bios as RAID1 but gparted sees the separate disks when it is configured as non-raid devices.

I am prepared to go the route of a software raid if necessary, but in the Debian installer that is only possible if the Debian-installer sees the disks as separate disks as Grub does.

Any suggestions for the way forward?  Should I put a usb-stick in the server and install grub there?


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