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Re: Worry about entropy?

On Mon, Dec 01, 2014 at 04:48:36PM -0400, francis picabia wrote:


> Has anyone experience with seeing significant
> performance boost, or at least avoiding timeouts
> when under load, related to keeping entropy fed
> some how?  I've already read the articles discussing
> use of /dev/random etc., but I'm talking about things
> I implement, not things I code.  I can imagine
> encrypted file system or owncloud and that
> sort of thing being aided, but could it also be
> important for SSL?

I've seen applications that block due to missing
entropy, but those were not DNSSEC related.
I'd recommend to try usage of haveged to see if
the situation improves. If you really need a lot
of entropy you can think about using the Simtec entropy
key daemon with ekeyd. I bought one a few years back
just to try it and can confirm that it's easy to


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