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Re: libc6-i386 vs libc6:i386 (for vpn client)

Thanks Andrei, Scott and Curt for your help.  I was only expecting
help on the general 32/64 bit issues, but since you asked, here are
some details about my particular goal.

I am trying to install Juniper's client 8.0 software from an rpm;
apparently they don't have a deb (there is a deb for the 7.x).
Ideally I would skip the GUI, though I'm not sure if that's possible.
The usual process here is to get a secure (but non-VPN) connection
through a GUI (i.e., a browser) and then launch the java network
connect app.  It downloads some binaries, some of which can be invoked
independently of the web interface.

Connecting directly to our site gets the 7.1 client because the server
is old.  According to Juniper, only 7.3 and up work with 64 bit (in
the rather weak sense that it can be made to work--they only
distribute 32 bit clients).  So connect to our site and download the
java app does not seem viable (and doesn't work, though I may still
lack some of the 32 bit pieces).

Juniper tech support says the 8.x client should work with the 7.x server.

2 outstanding issues are whether I should use 32 or 64 bit java--the
(64 bit) instructions for 8.x say to used icedtea and don't mention
the 32 bit version--and what I should use for a certificate file.


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