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Re: How to override fuse args to ntfs-3g to set permissions?

On 26/11/14 12:23 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 26/11/14 16:14, Rick Macdonald wrote:
On 25/11/14 08:46 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
Sorry, I don't know what DE means!
Desktop Environment e.g. GNOME, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, etc

Gives me nothing :(

Assuming the best intentions, and that "KFCE" isn't a typo - it still
"appears" you are not running Debian, it's 'possible' you are using Mint
- which is a Debian "derivative". This the *Debian*-User list, the wrong
place to expect support for anything other than Debian or Debian
PureBlends for several[*1] reasons.

Are you using Debian??

Scott, I really appreciate your time in helping me, and I realize it's not easy with my typo and perhaps mis-used terminology. As I hinted at, I've been running pure Debian for some 20 years. I forget how long I've been subscribed to this list, but it could be almost 20 years as well. That doesn't make me smart, just old (and happy with Debian).

I did indeed mistype, and it should have been XFCE not KFCE.

I've been googling and posting with the term "auto-mount", but is this more properly "hotplug"? I'm not trying to get the USB drive to mount at boot; that I can do. It mounts when I plug the drive in to the running system, just not with the permissions that I need. I hope I didn't lead anyone to think I'm asking about a boot-time mount issue.

Over the years the hot-plug system (if that's the name for it) seems to have changed a few times, and I admit I've never understood how hal, udev, etc worked/works. It's always worked to some extent, so I've never had to fuss with it.

ntfs-3g's umask/dmask/fmask options all default to 0, but somebody is calling it with dmask=0077,fmask=0177. I haven't figured out the chain of commands involved.


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