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Re: Why focus on systemd?

On Lu, 24 nov 14, 08:02:44, Marty wrote:
> It was a policy vote. The only "results" that matter are their effect
> on Debian Policy, right? The rest is academic.
> The vote invoked a clause in the TC init decision to allow modifying or
> overturning the policy set by the TC init decision, in anticipation of
> confusion or disagreement over its effect.
> Option 1 only restates or clarifies the existing init policy, 9.11,
> which is designed to preserve init system choices and prevent the kind
> of problems posed by systemd:
> "However, any package integrating with other init systems must also be
> backwards-compatible with sysvinit ..."
I think you're missing a perhaps crucial point: the Debian Policy has 
not been updated yet to account for systemd being default, it still 
assumes sysvinit as default.

See #591791, fixed in Policy, uploaded on 18 Sep 2012.

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