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Re: Why focus on systemd?

Le dimanche, 23 novembre 2014, 18.09:58 Marty a écrit :
> Did I miss something?

> Option 1: init policy stands *won by default* [1]
> Option 2: change init policy *LOST*
> Option 3: ask nicely to follow init policy *lost*
> Option 4: policy stands, no statement needed *WON*
> Option 5: null option, further discussion *won by default*
> [1] depending on bug status of package dependence on PID 1, so maybe
> this is the real issue

Iff you're using the same option numbers as those on the ballot, that's 
a totally wrong reading of the GR results, IMHO.

Option 4 won all pairwise duels against all other options, and as such, 
is the winning option. All other options besides 5 (FD) won their 
pairwise duels against FD. Saying that "Option 1 (…) won by default" is 
factually wrong. It's summary was not "init policy stands" either.


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