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Re: apt-get source download has files not in git repository

* Joel Roth [Thu, Nov 20 2014, 10:05:08PM]:
> > > 	pkgcache.apt
> > > 	pkgcache.bin
> > > 	restore
> > > 	sources.list
> > > 	sources.list.destdir
> > > 	srcpkgcache.bin
> > 
> Hi Andrei,
> > Are you sure these files are from dbus? I'd rather guess they are from 
> > the 'apt' source package. Anyway:
> Yes, they are. I'm curious at which step they get generated.

Have a look at the timestamps which might provide a clue. I cannot see
any integration tests or similar activity config in the packaging so
it's hard to explain.

Also make sure you have checked out the right branch, see
debian/gbp.conf for details.



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