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Re: the developers have spoken

On 20/11/14 10:15, Peter Nieman wrote:
> On 19/11/14 22:21, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>> Jonathan Dowland wrote:
>>> On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 12:41:45PM -0500, Miles Fidelman wrote:
>>>> Please DO report back.  Some of us really do want to know the state
>>>> of alternatives.
>>> If you insist then please use the d-community-offtopic list[1], which
>>> was set up for these situations.
>> How about, no.  Debian, the state of Debian, the future of Debian,
>> comparisons of Debian to alternatives are all (IMHO) completely on
>> topic, and of interest to THIS user.
> It's amazing, isn't it.


> At least every second message sent by systemd
> advocates ends with the words "stop it!", "shut up!" or "go away!". 

> They claim to support free software and can't even tolerate free speech.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. And Debian is made up of a
large collection of people who don't all share the same opinions.
Clearly you overstate your claims - or simply can't count. If you can't
be truthful please consider the people whose legitimate concerns are
being kill filed through your thoughtlessness.

I want those twenty minutes back that I spent checking.

Please don't make the mistake of believing that the vast majority of
list subscribers who don't post on this subject all approve of your
behaviour or share your opinions.


"The means justifies the ends"

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