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Modular-debian: a list for discussing init-system alternatives

Dear List,

First I'd like to thank all who contribute to debian-user,
and make it an invaluable resource for the Debian community.
Despite others disagreements, I've seen those who post to
the list have in common a generosity and enthusiasm to solve
the issues related to administering Debian Linux.

This is an extraordinary supplemental announcement that a
separate list is available[1] to discuss the issues related
to working with various init systems on Debian.
Considering that it could contribute to conserving the
resources of debian-user, we propose to announce it here
every two months over the next year.

Here is the statement of purpose:

	Debian has recently introduced systemd as default init
	system, replacing the long-serviceable sysvinit system. As
	dependencies on systemd diffuse through the Debian package
	ecosystem, users will tend to be forced to use it. This list
	is to discuss ways to maintain a more modular Debian
	ecosystem, and to avoid snowballing dependencies on a single
	init system. 

Those who are frustrated with Debian and considering the
merits of the init systems, package management and admin
environment of other OSs are also invited to bring their
discussions to modular-debian, rather than burdening

With kind regards

Joel Roth, list administrator

1. http://www.freelists.org/list/modular-debian


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