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Re: No Google bubble? (was: systemd for administrators, printable version.)

Le Mer 19 novembre 2014 16:49, Curt a écrit :
> So I don't see how Google could have tailored my results.

For example, it can guess from your IP from where you come, and show
results more... pertinent... considering your location.
A easy test: search for "test". This word exists in several languages, so
using it on google.com from various IPs can be interesting, if you can.
You can also try to use any other variants of google (.fr, .us, etc) and
check if you are having the same results.
If results differ from a test to another, then, yes, google is bubbling you.

Now, is bubbling good or not, is a different question and I do not intend
to try to answer it :)

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