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Re: qemu-kvm problem - libvirtd won't start

On 16/11/14 09:31 PM, Joel Roth wrote:
On Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 08:52:30PM -0500, Gary Dale wrote:
On 16/11/14 06:39 PM, Joel Roth wrote:
Did you try starting the VMs directly using the qemu command?
Don't have qemu installed. virsh reports:
Maybe there is some connection (c.f. Subject:)
qemu isn't listed as a dependency of qemu-kvm and isn't installed when qemu-kvm is installed. I understand that qemu 1.3 supersedes qemu-kvm but Wheezy only has 1.1.2, so qemu-kvm is still preferred.

I've got it running now, but still have a problem. Virt-manager is not seeing my <virtualmachine>.xml files when it connects to the server. I can create new virtual machines importing the existing images but then windows thinks it's on different hardware and wants to revalidate. I tried copying the existing .xml file over the new one but that didn't fix the problem.

Any ideas?

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