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Re: [01/05] Embedded with systemd: systemd and SIL

Le 16. 11. 14 19:52, Robert a écrit :
By choosing packages carefully, it is possible to use linux in
applications that need to meet SIL1 or SIL2 criteria [1]. I personally
don't have any applications that need to meet SIL2, but it is possible
to meet SIL1 by taking a normal installation and removing a bunch of
stuff (initramfs, udev and inetd amongst others) until the system is
deterministic enough (see the methodology in [2]). /sbin/init functions
OK with a few static devices in/dev

Given the tight udev/systemd marriage and the undeterministic nature of
socket activation, I suspect that systemd will never be suitable for
SIL applications.

Why did you think that localhost sockets activation is not deterministic ?
When local process use localhost sockets, there is no transmission media with
risk of packet loss, alteration, random latency, or reordering.

AFAIK, dbus is designed to never loss a message under normal workload. Future
kdbus will probably be even better on that matter.


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