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Finally I'm seeing some benefits of `systemd`... For a future without Xorg (say hello to Wayland) and with multi-seat everywhere!


 For months, I was reluctant to move to `systemd` but, right now, for
the first time, I'm seeing some benefits of using it, let me try to

 For years, I looked for an alternative (DirectFB, for example) Linux
GUI environment that doesn't use Xorg, it is slow, bloated and old
fashioned... Then, `Wayland` appeared! If I'm not wrong, this "new era
of Desktop Linux" started after Linux 2.6.28 and .29, with the
inclusion of GEM and KMS... Good times, BTW!

 Now, I'm trying to build Enlightenment (`ppa:martinx/enlightenment`)
to use it with `Wayland` and guess what?! One of the requirements is
that `systemd` "thing"!

 if you don't want Xorg, you'll need `systemd`. It is solving very old
problems for a lots of different projects. So, to achieve my old dream
to use a accelerated Linux desktop without X, I'll need `systemd` in
the end of the day, so, I'm glad it appeared now!    =P

 Also, when with `systemd`, there is no need to use
`enlightenment_start` anymore, this is pretty cool!

 And there is a second thing that I think it is awesome, "multi-seat"
support... Systemd provides a much simpler support for `multi-seat`! A
long waited feature (from my part)...

 Nevertheless, I'm still against this move in Debian, mostly because I
don't want to assume elevated risks and, right now, `systemd` will for
sure, bring much more risks and instability to Debian. So, lets make
the move but, not too damn fast to not burn Debian's image, and
everybody's works / jobs. There is NO need to rush this move to

 So, I can not ask for a `systemd-free` Debian version anymore, since
I'm using it [systemd] now. Also, I think that there is plenty of room
for a `systemd-compatible` system based on `uselessd + eudev" (yes,
`systemd-free` while being `systemd-compatible`), including the
possibility to bring kFreeBSD back.

 Anyway, I'm seeing lots of problems "here and there", lets cal it
"TILTS", when using `systemd as PID=1` and honestly, I don't have
enough time to keep reporting them all in details, so, keeping
`sysvinit-core` at a reliable level is very, VERY important, because
at the very first signal of problems with `systemd`, I'll switch back
to `sysvinit-core` to make things work okay again (it is the safest
bet for now, if you want stability). I have friends that are doing the


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