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[00/05] Embedded with systemd


This is my first post to a debian-* list even though I have been a
(happy) user for many years, both on the desktop and on embedded
devices. I am currently looking at the implications that running systemd
on some of our products will have, and while many things seem like they
will get simpler, other things seem harder, much harder.

I am posting this not to bash systemd, but to try and learn from other
users who have similar use cases. I am breaking this into a few
different topics to keep the conversation a bit more focused.

I am the first to admit that I don't have much experience with systemd
and I have only installed a VM with it recently, so if I missed the easy
answer in any of the next mails, I will take no offence at being told to

I am cross-posting to debian-user since I expect that there will be more
experienced systemd users there.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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