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Re: what's the difference btw. libelf1 and libelfg0?

On 11/13/14 02:09, Don Armstrong wrote:
On Thu, 13 Nov 2014, Christian Groessler wrote:
Ignoring the freebsd version, I'm wondering what's the difference
between libelf1 and libelfg0. They seem to be built from the same
sources, 'apt-get source' retrieves the same files.
Two different sonames. The g0 version exists for compatibility with
certain pre-packaged binaries which require it.

Most (all, hopefully) things in Debian should require the libelf1
package instead of the libelfg0 package:

  This shared library may be needed by pre-packaged programs. To compile
  programs with this library, you will need to install the libelfg0-dev
  package as well.



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