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Re: Installing from Backports

On Mi, 12 nov 14, 18:54:49, Christian Seiler wrote:
> The only 'problem' I remember is that sometimes it takes a while for
> updates to actually go on to backports; per backports "policy" usually
> the packages have to be in testing already before the backported ones
> can be uploaded, which means there will be an additional delay until
> fixes are in there.
> That said, for critical security fixes, I had the impression that
> package maintainers were doing a really good job for getting them into
> wheezy-backports in the last few months, at least for the packages I am
> using. So consider this to be a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in
> that!

Security fixes are exempt from the usual policy (must be in testing), 
but it's up to the maintainer to provide the updated packages, since 
backports are *not* supported by the Security Team.

In addition to the usual debian-security-announce one should also 
subscribe to debian-backports-announce.

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