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Re: moving LVM logical volumes to new disks

On Wed, 12 Nov 2014, lee wrote:
> what's the best way to move existing logical volumes or a whole volume
> group to new disks?
> The target disks cannot be installed at the same time as the source
> disks.  I will have to make some sort of copy over the network to
> another machine, remove the old disks, install the new disks and put the
> copy in place.
> The LVs contain VMs. The VMs can be shut down during the migration.
> It's not possible to make snapshots because the VG is full.
> New disks will be 6x1TB RAID-5, old ones are 2x74GB RAID-1 on a
> ServeRaid 8k. No more than 6 discs can be installed at the same time.

You can remove one of the RAID-1 drives, install 5 of the 1T drives, and
start both raids in degraded mode temporarily. Once you've done that,
add the new PVs to the VG, and pvmove.

Alternatively, you can start with three drives in raid-5, and then grow
the array out to the additional three drives, once you've done the
migration, or have two different raid-5 arrays in the same vg.

Alternatively, you can use an external enclosure to house the RAID1 or
RAID5 temporarily. USB is slow, but workable.

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